Food Colouring

Colouring, or referred as colouring foods, are crucial ingredients that meant to design deliver colour to foods or beverages to create a specific appearance.

There are several types of food coloring that are all suitable to be used with different recipes or mixtures and that will give different color intensities.

Our team spend over 30 years of R&D developing RIQCA™ food coloring in various forms, including liquids and powder to suit the market’s need. 

Riqca Liquid Gel Coloring

Riqca’s Liquid Coloring is a semi-thick gel and concentrated form of food coloring.

It is ideally use for icing, fondant, gum paste, batter, cake frosting and the others.

** It is not suitable for fat-based product such as chocolate or butter. 

For fat based product, please use our PREMIUM Riqca’s Liquid Colour Series.


1 – 2% of usage based on recipe. Stir the Riqca liquid Gel Colour into batter for baking products. ( muffins, cake, cupcakes, pancakes, or waffles ).

Add a few drop into your mixture and mix it thoroguhly until you get your desired colour. 

Bright Red

Apple Green

Red Orange

Brilliant Blue

Egg Yellow

Dark Green

Rose Pink


Chocolate Brown

Lemon Yellow

Riqca Powder Coloring

Riqca’s Liquid Coloring is a dry form of food dye with no liquid.

It is best to use in recipes that are sensitive to any added liquid such as macarons,  meringue, and others. 

It can be added into a dry mixture or to brush it directly onto foods as decoration.    It is great for producing a darker shades of colour. 

Due to its dry consistency, do not add too much as it can dry out your mixture. 

It is highly concentrated and hydro-soluble. 

**Riqca’s Powder Colouring has an extremely long shelf life compared to liquid colouring. 

Please store away from direct sunlight & heat.

Direction of use : 

0.5% of usage based on recipe.