What is EMULCO?

The word “EMULCO” stands for emulsion + color.

To make it simple, EMULCO is a combination of both Flavor & Color. It is commonly used in bakery, pastries, drinks and confectionery to enhance the flavor, aroma and appearance of the products. It is also heat resistant, and it can withstand heat up to 220 °C. Upon heating, it will not only intensify the flavor but also retaining its moisture, creating a rich aroma and a great appearance in your final product. 

Our R& D division has spent over 25 years of experience developing RIQCA Emulco and has been continuously improving our product to ensure we deliver consistent quality products that our client deserve.  

The Advantages of Riqca Emulco

1.  Easy to use

2. Heat Resistant

3. High Viscosity / Concentrated

4. No separation

5. Natural Aroma

6. Moisture Retention

Indication :

  • Cakes and Confectioneries (1-2%)
  • Breads and Cookies            (2-5%)
  • Jellies & Puddings               (0.5 – 2%)
  • Fillings & Toppings              (0.5 – 3%)

*The indications are for reference only. You can reduce / increase the %              depends on your preferences.


Coffee Emulco

Chocolate Emulco

What is Piping Jelly?

Pipping Jelly is a transparent gel that is used to decorate cake, leaving a shinny glossy finishing. It is commonly used in fruit tarts, cakes and others to enhance the appearance of your product.